Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 5.


Watts is having a good day. He got a blood transfusion this morning (hemoglobin level was 6/very low) but the rest of the day he's been playing, making faces at the nurses, watching for helicopters, napping, and taking wagon rides. He's a wild, funny little guy. He has an inside joke with one of the nursing assistants, Marcia. She asks him in a deep voice, "Watts, you doing okay?" He nods his head emphatically "yes". "Can I get you anything?" she asks. He shakes his head "no" and then starts grinning. Then sometimes he reverses his answers and thinks its even funnier. He is also infuriating the nurses by showing clear preference for the doctors, in particular Dr Buckley and Dr Russell. He will lunge for them, nestle down on their shoulders, and refuse to come back to me.

Piper is also slowly adjusting to being back at the hospital/Ronald McDonald House. We've hit a few bumps in the road this time but things seem to be smoothing out a bit. Yesterday afternoon I got some time with Piper and we sat outside the Ronald McDonald House and "fed" berries to the cat statues for almost an hour. I was planning to run some errands but I could tell she wanted to linger. So we lingered. We picked berries and named the cat and angel statues. The day was stunningly beautiful, fall in all its glory, and I tried to still myself enough to soak it in. It is life-giving to her, I can tell. Those uninterrupted moments when I am not rushing her to the next thing? They seem to be significant. I miss them a lot with the busyness of life but sometimes I stop and pause at the right moment and her little cup seems to be filled up.

Watts is waking up now so it's back to helicopter watching. Watts is down for the night now so I'm off to bed too. These days are long but seem to be without a minute to spare. Between night wake-ups, entertaining a wild baby, and trying to love on a precocious three year old, I am exhausted...but good.

Thank you all for the continued prayers and support. And thank you, Susan, for the yummy Trader Joes goodies you dropped off!

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  1. There's no competition with the docs when you wake him up too early before they come in :) oops! One perk to being a night shift nurse! Hope the week has started well for you all!


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