Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lumbar Puncture today.

Quick update this morning... Watts' counts looked good yesterday (ANC 750, PLT 300, HGB 10) so we are heading to Brenner in a few minutes to start Continuation II (aka Maintenance), our last and final phase of treatment, which will last over a year. If all goes all scheduled, Watts should be sedated around 8am for his intrathecal chemotherapy. He will also get an IV push of Vinicristine or Methotrexate, I think. I can't check right now because I am hiding from hungry Watts who can't eat anything before his procedure. Whenever he sees me, poor boy, he starts signing to nurse and can't understand why I'm saying no. It has to be weird to him, because 99% of the time I'm trying to coax him to eat. Ha!

When we get home later this morning, hopefully, we will start the dreaded steroids. Ugh.

Thank you for prayers (in advance)!

Me and my boy on Sunday.

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