Sunday, May 11, 2014

A prayer on Mother's Day.

I'm up early with my boy and Elmo is on in the background, which is a joke really because I'm much better entertainment as a jungle gym. I sip my coffee and Watts periodically climbs onto my lap and smushes his face up against mine. Snuggles help greatly with the grogginess of the early morning hours.

It's Mother's Day today. My little family celebrated me on Friday so today is just any other day which I'm completely fine with because this holiday seems silly to me anyway (so rote!). 

Silliness aside, however, this morning my heart feels heavy for many. Mother's Day for a lot of women, I think, serves as only salt on the wounds of loss, of fear, of desires unmet. This morning I want to remember the women who are hurting and missed on this "holiday"....

For the empty arms of mamas whose babies have left this earth too soon... There are simply no words to say. Lord, hold them close this morning.

For fellow mamas of sick babies whose hearts fight daily with anxiety, exhaustion, and fear...Lord, give them, us, peace this morning.

For the aching wombs of women longing for children, whose infertility journeys are long and arduous and stretch before them without clear hope or promise...Lord, be near to them this morning.

For the single women who long for their own families, their own babies...Lord, be close to them.

For all the women blessed and challenged to be on this rocky road called motherhood... Lord, gently lead those that have young.

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  1. You have no idea how your sensitive words have spoken to me today. Keep praying for all those you mentioned above...many are close by, but grieving silently.


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