Friday, May 2, 2014

Another Brenner day.

This will be short because Watts is asleep on my chest, but I just wanted to update and say that Watts is doing great. His energy level is picking back up and he has been afebrile for 24 hrs. His neutrophil count is still at zero but his monocytes jumped up over night (they tend to be the first to recover) so there is a chance we could go home tomorrow if his neutrophils decide to follow suit. Most likely it will be Sunday or Monday, though. His platelets and hemoglobin have dropped but have not required transfusions 

We will go home and keep Watts isolated and on neupogen until his counts make a full recovery. I can't wait! I love this hospital and the staff dearly but I am ready to take my family and break out of here.

Dr McLean told me today when he rounded that our family seemed like we were "not only surviving but thriving" in the midst of this cancer marathon. Sweet, encouraging words to be sure, but the image I had in my head, I told him, was of our kids thriving and running ahead of us, and Michael and I hobbling and limping behind. Ha! Lord help us, it is going to take Michael and I years to recover from the emotional and physical and mental strain of the last year. 

Yet I wouldn't trade it for the world.

 PS. My superhero mother is back here in Winston and has saved the day by helping us with Piper, bringing up food, and giving me a hand with Watts while Michael works. Thank you, Mama! 

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