Thursday, May 29, 2014

Diagnosis Anniversary

(thanks, Griffin, for capturing this great moment!)

This could so easily have been a different kind of anniversary. We think about that reality every single day (made more acute by several friends having lost children in the past year). All I can say is that God spared Watts' life one year ago, and we are so very thankful. Thankful that God has put breath in our lungs and woken us up this morning. Thankful for incredible medical staff and medicines to heal sicknesses that in the recent past were incurable. Had we lived in another time or place, Watts would not have survived the infections that brought him to the PICU a year ago (as it is, he was within hours of not making it). One thing that our family has learned this year– maybe the most tangible thing– is to appreciate the day that we wake up to. I'm not saying that we do this all the time, and that grumpiness, ingratitude, and "How can I be so tired?" are not an everyday thing around our house, but the sense that the future is so uncertain with Watts has made us soak up time with him and each other. Life's fragility, in a strange way, has made our family much stronger. A year ago in the PICU, terrified and confused, I could have never imagined this to be true, but it is. And if this past year was the all the time we had gotten with Watts, I would be so grateful for all the special moments.

Hannah, you are amazing. Your strength in sustained hardship is beautiful and inspiring. You have loved so well this year. Piper, you astound me with your resilience and encourage me with your sweet and silly spirit. Watts, you are my little hero. I am so proud of you, buddy.

Family and friends, near and far, you have loved us so well this year. Thank you for all the meals, prayers, emails, gifts, text messages, phone calls and visits. We couldn't have survived this year without them.

El Shaddai, you have been true to your name as you've loved and carried us along. Thank you for your goodness to us, even in some dark, shadowy days.

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