Friday, December 6, 2013


Can it be December already? In some ways, I feel like everything went on hold at the end of May and at some point we should pick back up where we left off. Instead, we pull out winter sweaters and boxes of Christmas decorations... Time passes, even in the midst of crisis.

I feel as if I've been walking in a fog these days. Some of it is pure exhaustion, a lot of it is weariness of heart.  We are so thankful for how well Watts is doing and that we are home, yet we are aching for those that are back in the hospital. Those that are waiting for miracles.

We entered a small society upon Watty's diagnosis and there are great ripple effects when one baby is having a hard time. I wonder if that will ever change...


Update tidbits:

-The appointments went well yesterday at Brenner. We have a tentative surgery date for Watts to get his hickman line replaced with a chestport before the end of the year. The surgeons and heme/onc. doctors all agreed that it will be the best thing for Watts. We are excited for this next step and cannot wait to give Watts a real bath.

-Watts pulled an all-nighter 2 nights ago and skipped his naps... Lingering effects of the steroids were we told. He was happy, but sleepless. We are dog-tired.

-He started the new at-home chemo (6mp) and so far so good. He will take it for the next three weeks.

-Watts took some steps! I caught attempt number 3 or 4 on video but have yet to import it. Super boy. Defying the odds.


  1. So good to hear you all are enjoying time at home, however, I do miss my little kiddos! Can't wait to see my lil Watty walking around :)

    1. Girl, we miss you so much! We are going to come up some evening and visit you. Maybe bring frosties:)


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