Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Music

It's been a while since I've (Michael) written on the blog. Usually when we are not actively keeping it up it means that there haven't been any significant changes. It's true, we are still in maintenance and Watts continues to respond well to treatment. And we are thankful for that. More poignantly so this week as the boy of one of our friends passed away on Friday after a long battle with leukemia. Hannah wrote wrote about it a few days ago. His parents are amazing and strong and it's heartbreaking to imagine their loss. Heartbreaking seems too dull a word. But what words do you use when trying to imagine this sort of loss?

The past year-and-a-half have been so difficult and heavy on many levels. The treatment, the sleepless nights, the fears about the future, the questions about God and suffering and loss, the experience of death of the too-young. Hannah and I have spent countless hours thinking about these things, reading and talking, praying and writing. And I've slowly been piecing a handful of songs together. It's felt like grabbing at the mist, at times, trying to wrestle down the scattered ideas. But slowly, over the weeks and months, the songs started to take shape.

These are the most personal and difficult songs I've written. And yet, I believe the themes of fear, loss, and hope are things we all share. I've chosen seven of these songs to record, and I've scheduled time with an engineer at the end of this month. I'm excited and terrified. I feel insecure in one breath and in the next, convinced that these songs are for others as well as for me. So I am moving forward, recording with Edd Kerr, a super gifted and kind engineer who recorded/mixed a song with me earlier this year. We will be in the studio the last week of this month and I hope to have the album available by around Easter. 

If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy of the album or chipping in something additional to make the recording possible, I'd be so grateful. Also, help spread the word! Just visit the kickstarter page. and you can watch a video explaining more of the project and all of the details. THANK YOU. For any interest you have in my music, but mostly for your care and love for my family.

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