Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Half birthday, little rascal, and update.

Yesterday was Watts' half birthday and we celebrated with sweet treats (which our noodle boy didn't eat a bite of) and a park trip on what seemed like the most gorgeous day of the year to date. We celebrate half birthdays... just as we try to celebrate every little thing these days.

Other birthday celebrations:
6 months old, pre-diagnosis and before we started celebrated half birthdays.
Watts' first birthday. He was so very sick this day.
Watts' 1 1/2 birthday. 

Watts' 2nd birthday (and Piper's 4th).

What a gift to celebrate our little warrior boy! A little bit about him: He loves all things trucks, cars, and planes. He loves scary things, loud things, and gross things. He loves to dance, sing, and play the guitar and piano. He likes to dress like Papa (Michael) and "Taco" (his uncle, Charlie). He is talking up a storm and we love to hear his little brain thinking about about things.

He is also a little rascal these days. His goal, on most days is to terrorize Piper. He can do this a number of different ways but one of his main tactics is the age-old favorite of mimicking. Or maybe it's arguing? I'm not really sure. Piper will say that her favorite characters on Paw Patrol are Everest and Sky to which Watts will respond, "My favorites are Everest and Sky!" And then Piper falls apart. The thing is that they are not Watts' favorites...he really is only saying it to annoy Piper. So, basically, it has begun. The whole younger-sibling-terrorizing-the-older-sibling thing. I did it to my older brother so I am now paying for it with my offspring... that's how it works, right? He also bit Piper till he drew blood yesterday. Just like I use to do.

Thankfully, Piper is forgiving and Watts can be a good playmate, so there are many beautiful moments of playing and affection between the two. Piper is always asking him for hugs and snuggles and he is sometimes obliging. We are so thankful for this little rascal and these normal, simple sibling interactions. Although sometimes they drive us crazy, we find ourselves humble with gratitude at the end of each day.

Watts continues to do well in treatment. We are in the middle of a couple of weeks of Mercaptopurine (6mp) and will go back to Brenner on the 26th for a lumbar puncture (chemo in his spinal fluid), Vincristine (through his port), labs and a doctor's appt, and possibly a transfusion of IVIG. If I did my calculations correctly, this will be his second to last lumbar puncture. Lord willing.

Watts' appetite continues to be hit-or-miss, but, as one of his doctors said last week, "It is what it is right now." Watts is getting sufficient enough calories in him to not need intervention and this will hopefully change once he is off treatment. His periods of nausea and loss of appetite tend to be around steroid weeks and for 24-48 hrs after his weekly PO Methotrexate that he gets every Monday.
In addition to nausea, Watts tends to get drowsy on the 6mp and will sleep for 4+ hours if I let him. I don't, most days, because this inevitably backfires the next morning.

His labs have all been right where our team wants them, there have been no signs of relapse, and he hasn't needed any transfusions except for almost monthly IVIG transfusions to help boost his compromised immune system. We are thankful, and nervous, and thankful.

Thank you for the continued prayers and support of our boy. We are grateful and do not take it for granted.

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