Thursday, March 20, 2014

Steroids (again)

Forgot to post this from Thursday night: 
Day 1 of steroids done, 4 more to go. Watts' counts looked great today and he squeaked by without needed an IVIG transfusion. He got IV chemo in his port and two synagis shots, but his lumbar puncture was delayed because Watts' cough sounded more "juicy" [anethesiologist's word, not mine] than normal and they were concerned about his airway if he was sedated. They've rescheduled it for one month into maintenance. This delay shouldn't impact treatment at all and are very much expected during the course of treatment.

Update from Saturday night: 
Watts is now three days into steroids. The full effect of the drugs now seem to be in his system, poor boy. His eyes are red-rimmed, he's agitated, easily overly stimulated, and just doesn't seem like himself. But, no tremors or darting eyes this round, thankfully! Two more days left of steroids then hopefully we'll see our little happy guy again. Although sometimes it only takes a day, it has also taken up to a week before for Watts to feel back to his normal self--- we already can't wait!

Photos from the clinic on Thursday:

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  1. He is so handsome! And you are a beautiful spirit, Hannah. Praying for rest and health and peace for the whole family.


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