Thursday, March 13, 2014


The kids and I went to Watts' appointment today for IV MTX and a doctor's appointment.  Good news is that his counts all looked great; bad news is that his weight is down again 5 ounces from last week. To say that Watty's weight and eating is stressful to me would probably be an understatement. So much of my week feels geared around preparing for that weekly weigh-in... it is very hard to go in and see numbers drop. Thankfully, the kind Dr McLean shared that he did not want me to be overly worried about Watts' weight because of the intense phase of treatment that he is currently in. This was a good reminder for me to hear (and reassuring after hearing another doctor and nurse practitioner say that they were "seriously" concerned a few weeks before) because I tend to forget that this phase of treatment is intense since we aren't clocking in as many inpatient days.

So, deep breath. We'll keep pushing food (in fun, creative, non-pressure ways...i.e. eating chicken nuggets standing on the living room couch) and we'll re-address the issue once we reach maintenance... or, I guess, until another doctor freaks out and I inadvertently do too.

As far as Watts' treatment plan goes, we have one more week of 6-mp (daily chemo given at home) and then we'll go in next week for Intrathecal chemo (sedated lumbar puncture) and IV MTX and Vincristine. Plus his monthly Synagis shots in both legs. Following this appointment will be five days of the awful steroids. Ugh.

Thankful today for kind, encouraging doctors, hugs from nurses, kids that are troopers during appointments, a fun visit to see our beloved Ronald McDonald House staff, and glorious naptime.


  1. Yay for glorious nap times! Love you, Hannah. Praying for y'all daily.

  2. Thanks cousin. Love you too!


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