Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy 'roid baby.

We made it through another round of steroids! The last two days have actually gone surprisingly well. Instead of being irritable, Watts has been hyper and wild with only a few bouts of screaming and yelling mixed in. Of course, he has also been so hyped up that he has been sleeping terribly and skipping naps, but, all in all this round has much better than the ones preceding it. We'll take it! The doctors have said that Watts won't build up a "tolerance" to the drug over time but instead each steroid round could be different...just as we've experienced.

Next up is Watts' clinic visit in the morning for more IV chemo and then we'll start back on 6-mp. Watts' counts look fantastic this week and he clocked in an ANC of 4599! His hemoglobin and platelets look good too. 


Things Watts loves right now (20 months old): loud noises, tractors/motorcycles/helicopters, baths, jumping off of things, being chased, wrestling, music, dancing (aka spinning around in a circle until he topples over), guacamole and chips (yay for high calorie food!), going to the park, and car rides.

Some of the things Watts can do: can point to different body parts when asked (including knees and chin), throws out trash obsessively (even if it is a small piece of dust from the floor), likes to "ride" on Piper's bike, run, can go down the big slide by himself, lipsyncs to Piper's favorite songs, and seems to understand every single word we say.

We love this kid.

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