Thursday, July 3, 2014

These days.

Well, that was an unintentionally long blog break... I wrote that I would write more when I felt like I had caught my breath, but even when things had seemed to settle back down after Watts' fever, I seemed to have lost my desire to write. I need to write these things down for memory-sake, though, so plug along I will.


Watts is doing great. He seems to be thriving in maintenance and we frequently get comments from folks who haven't seen him in awhile about just how good he looks. Praise God. To say that we are thankful for this boy and these good days, just doesn't seem sufficient. Today as I nursed and rocked Watts to sleep [Yes, I am still nursing... yes, I am still rocking an almost 2 yr old to sleep... yes, it takes almost an hour.], I couldn't help but look down at my boy of 23 months and think about what he has gone through in his short life. It is almost hard to wrap my head around.

After the fever scare and the round of strong antibiotics, Watts has bounced back to normal and it seems as if the antibiotics has also knocked out Watts' "chronic" cough and nasal discharge. Wohoo! For the first time in months and months, Watts is not hacking and coughing throughout the day. Coincidentally, he also seems to be getting his appetite back which leads us to wonder if the cough and nasal drainage might have been causing the nausea and not the 6-mp (chemo drug). Only time will tell, I guess.

Protocal-wise, we have started our third week of 6-mp for this round. Next Monday we will go back to Brenner for a lumbar puncture with intrathecal therapy, an IV push of Vincristine, and we will start another week of the dreaded steroids. We are hoping that this steroid round is an easier one on our boy than last one.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our Warrior-Boy. 

PS. Today is Michael's and my 10 year anniversary! Today we celebrate all the Lord has done in our lives the last ten years and also remember our 9th anniversary when we were surprised by getting to go home for the first time post-diagnosis. That still goes down in the books as the best anniversary gift ever!

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