Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Birthday girl.

Happy birthday Piper girl. We adore you and your whimsical, creative, beautiful self.

By God's grace and the resilience and joy He has given you, 
you have bloomed this past year... despite it all. 

You are tender-hearted, inquisitive, and filled with stories and questions.

You are kind and compassionate to others and I have seen you 
intentionally move towards those that appear different than yourself.

You are so silly and love to laugh. We begin and end most of 
our days with smiles and many, many, many times it is because of you.

When I think back to the last year and your little two year old self when this all began, 
my eyes fill with tears. 

You have been so brave, sweet girl. So very brave. 
I couldn't be more proud of you.

Today we celebrate and thank God for you...
Your life is a gift and a blessing to your mama and papa and brother 
and to all those that know you.


  1. And her life is a blessing to all of us who don't know her. She makes all of this world a better place. For a child so small, that's huge! Happy Birthday, Piper.

  2. Love these photos! Piper is such a sweet girl, and surrounds everyone with her joy. Yes.


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