Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kitchen Reno

At the end of May, Watts finished his two year chemo treatment protocol. In the beginning of June, before we even had time to catch our breath from the last two years, we gutted our kitchen, thanks to a bad leak under our dishwasher that had caused significant water damage. Apparently the leak had been there for some time but it had been missed during the inspection at the time we purchased our home. We only noticed it when the kitchen floor started to get soft and squishy in a certain area.

And so for the last three months, we have been camping in our home and working during any free time to replace everything in the kitchen: new drywall, new floor plan, new lighting, new-to-us cabinets, new electrical, new plumbing, etc. Some of it we were planning on doing, other things were discoveries that we found as we ripped out 75 year old walls (i.e. a drainage pipe in the ceiling with a fist-size hole in it). Michael has done about 80% of it himself with the help and support of friends and family...and youtube video tutorials. 

This past weekend, we were able to get back into the kitchen and set up our table and move the fridge back in. We are still without a sink, counters, range, or dishwasher, but we're hoping that will be done in the next two weeks. We are so very thrilled and thankful to have the bulk of the reno behind us.

The timing of the renovation was less than ideal, as it came on the heels of a very exhausting season of life, but it has been yet another opportunity for us to see the Lord provide for us and sustain us. [And He provided for us so abundantly.] It also has felt redemptive in a way, to be tearing something down and then to rebuild it and make it beautiful again.

So that brings us to today.

Yesterday, the kids and I started preschool/pre-k at home. There are many reasons why we decided to not start Piper in kindergarten this year. Michael and I are hoping and praying that this year is a year of restoring some normalcy and healthy rhythm to our home and one full of play. We've had two years of much disruptions and chaos at times, even during the months of maintenance (thanks to those awful steroids). There will be time enough for school schedules and busyness, but not this year. This year is going to be a redemptive year for us, Lord-willing. And in a new kitchen no less!


  1. You guys are inspiring, and Michael is a straight up boss. Here's to a redemptive year.


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