Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Songs in the Night available now

About a month ago, I (Michael) released "Songs in the Night", a recording of seven songs I wrote during the past two years of Watts' treatment. I know that lots of you pre-ordered it, making it possible to record the album... thank you! For those of you who didn't and are interested in getting a copy, I wanted to give you the links. I'm proud of how it turned out– in the sort of way one is proud of a scar; because it tells a story. Our story and, in many ways, your story, too.

What I mean is that many of you have cared for and walked with us during these two years, so you are part of Watts' story. But of course, suffering and struggle are inevitable– something that binds us together as human beings– and so these songs tell your story, too.

You can download the album on iTunes and Amazon. Or, if you want a physical copy (which also includes the download), you can get in on my Bandcamp site.

I hope the songs encourage you. If there's someone you know who might like to hear them, please pass on the links or let me know. I would love to send them a copy. I'm also working on some plans to play these songs live and will let you know as that develops.

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