Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 4 of the dreaded 'roids.

Watts and I are awake early watching some Thomas the Train and "feeding" Little People some cheerios [Watts thinks it is so fun feeding toys... Putting it in his own mouth is another story.]

This is a tough steroid week. Starting yesterday morning (on Day 3), Watts has just been a mess of tears, rage, and up and down emotions. Despite our best intentions, we can not seem to offer very much comfort. He's hungry, but is enraged if we offer him anything. He wants to play, but we can't seem to play to his liking. He'll get so angry and frustrated at a situation that his whole body will start shaking... and over something little like offering him an M&M that he requested in the first place.

Poor boy. And us too...but we are thankfully able to know that this is for his own good and is only temporary. Every day we count down the doses left for this round and even Piper knows about the "yucky Leukemia medicine that makes Watts feel angry." Six doses down, four to go!

Painting-- One thing that has seemed to have a calming effect on Watts this round.

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