Friday, May 31, 2013


Over the past few days, several of our doctors and nurses and encouraged us to "just think about today".

What needs to be done today?
What are the mountains we are facing today?
What are the small victories today?

We're already realizing the wisdom of this as we go through waves of feeling overwhelmed. For me, especially over the past 24 hours, it seems to take nothing to make me weep. A kind word from a doctor. A new nurse telling us Watts looks handsome in the pictures we have over his bed. Reading Piper a bedtime story with a little boy as the main character. Singing her "Jesus loves the little children" as she falls asleep. Realizing I haven't seen Watts open his eyes in four days. Mustering up some strength in my voice as I walk in the hospital room and say, "Hi buddy, papa's here now". I feel like I've been grieving the losses that are coming our way over the next couple of years and, at the same time, fearing the reality that I don't know what those losses will even be.  

Just think about today.

   Or, put a different way:

Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

We've felt incredibly loved and supported over the past week, held up and blessed by a community of those near and far. But, Good Lord, how the quiet moments are hard.


  1. I have no words. Joining you in tears. Believing God for healing and a miracle. He loves Watts with an amazing love. Praying and here for you.

  2. Know that many are praying. You don't know us, but we are friends of your friends and is a link between members of the family and Body of Christ. We weep with you and we trust with you, leaning ever on the blessed Savior who is King, Great Physician and Lord of all.

  3. One day at a time, sweet Jesus....


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